Why Do We Need to be Aware of Laboratory Hazard & Risk?

The laboratory is a workplace that has dangerous potential sources and risks. These hazardous risks can result in disruption to the safety and health of laboratory personnel / workers, such as work accidents or contamination with chemical substances that affect the personnel’s health.

The high work risks potential / chance in the laboratory happens because the laboratory is a place that accommodates / stores hazardous chemicals and substances that can cause many diseases or even death if accidentally exposed. It makes all personnel required to always use personal protective equipment such as gloves, lab coats, safety glasses, masks, and many more. If an accident occurs in the laboratory, it can lead to bad effects that affect both internal and external parties such as the laboratory, the general public and the surrounding environment.

Here are some laboratory hazards & risks that you need to be aware of:

  • Contaminated or exposed to toxic chemicals, because in the laboratory it is confirmed and concerned that all the ingredients contained a poison, even though the toxicity level is still relatively low, but you still have to be careful.
  • The presence of flammable, explosive, and reactive chemicals, thus endangering the safety of the laboratory and personnel.
  • Hazardous waste from the output process in the laboratory, as well as materials that are discarded because they are no longer useful. Waste in the laboratory that is considered to be hazardous has the potential to explode, catch fire, be corrosive to other substances, reactive and toxic.
  • Gas leak events.
  • High radio frequency and microwave pressure.
  • High electrical voltage.
  • Infected with contagious viruses.

Due to the many laboratory hazards & risks that can occur in the laboratory, the laboratory needs to implement high security and safety measures to avoid and reduce the potential for these events. The application and implementation can start from making certain regulations, such as regulations when entering and leaving the laboratory, regulations when carrying out laboratory equipment, and also regulations when conducting research using chemicals substances. These regulations can be realized and achieved if they are supported by improving the quality of facilities and systems in the laboratory, like the personal protective facilities and sophisticated equipment systems.

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