GT Scien Launch Ultimate Vaccine Refrigerator

The more people who are affected by the impact of COVID 19, the more vaccines are made and distributed in the community. To maintain, manage, and control the vaccine in good and safe condition, GT Science launched their new product for that condition i.e. the ultimate vaccine refrigerator.

This refrigerator is a part of the smart refrigerator, which is designed to manage and control the vaccine lifecycle, which is specially made for hospitals and healthcare centers so that they can work quickly, efficiently and effectively in distributing vaccinations to the general public. As for the government itself, this refrigerator is very useful for controlling and managing the distribution of vaccines more efficiently and accurately.

What are the smart technologies included in this ultimate vaccine refrigerator?

1. On the top of the refrigerator door is equipped with a 7in. LCD touch display that can run the vaccine safety prevention management system

2. At the bottom of the door there is an RFID vaccine reader that can read vaccines for easy management information

3. There is a 2-layer heat-strengthened glass which functions for frost prevention and UV prevention

4. Lastly, there is a HEPA filter equipped with a virus removing filter

This refrigerator has features that are useful in real-time management, vaccination management, and site management. At the government level, real-time management functions to manage vaccine supply, for doctors and nurses, vaccination management provides a function for them to deliver / distribute vaccines efficiently and minimize losses, and lastly is a site management for hospitals to be able and easily track vaccine inventory and status.

Equipped with a vaccine safety prevention management system (VSPMS), this refrigerator can also monitor users and vaccines, total data management with RFID technology, optimizing UX use, can manage and track access to refrigerators equipped with ID & personnel management, and finally can monitor the temperature when the temperature level is less than or more than the level that has been set.

In addition, there are several additional advantages of this tool too, such as:

- Can maintain cold temperature stabilities around 2-8 Celsius degree automatically (average 5 Celsius degree)

- HEPA filter that is effective and efficient in keeping the refrigerator clean

- Also, it must be convenient to use for hospital and healthcare workers

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