What is Biosigma FAST READ 102®?

Biosigma S.p.A. has produced disposable plastic items for biotechnology, research, clinical chemistry and pharmaceutical laboratories since 1988. Biosigma offers experience and professional competence for customers and gives customer satisfaction for the quality of products.

Biosigma creates FAST READ 102® to improve the standardization of microscopic urinalysis and provide precision and reproducibility to guarantee constant readings with one integrated technology and the same operators.

FAST READ 102® was made of a slide that is protected by an optically transparent film, with 10 independent chambers, containing a standard volume of 7 µL. After dispensing the sample on the slide application area, and also thanks to a capillary mechanism, the sediment becomes homogeneously distributed in the reading chamber. Each chamber is fitted with its own system for the collection of excess urine to prevent any possible contamination.

Furthermore, FAST READ 102® slide allows an easy identification of the sample by using the numbers printed on the sides. 

The BVS100 device is manufactured in METHACRYLATE, which is rigid, transparent, and resistant to atmospheric agents. It replaces the glass in all its applications, reaching a high temperature rate (lower than 90-100°C).

How to use FAST READ 102®

Firstly, after completing the preparation of the urinary sediment with normal centrifugation, insert a pipette into the test tube and dispense one drop of STAIN. It's a very important matter during urine sedimentation count, because the operators always use the same sample preparation method in order to have the test’s repeatability. 

Secondly, use the pipette to mix the urinary sediment by repeatedly pressing the bulb, then lastly, dispense a drop of sample into the appropriate area of the slide.

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