Flat Mop Vs String Mop : What’s the Difference and Which One is Better for the Cleaning Tools?

There are so many cleaning tools that we know. Every cleaning tool has its own functions and benefits. Some manual cleaning tools may have been replaced by modern cleaning tools such as vacuum cleaners, which are easier to use than manual ones because they don't require a lot of time and effort in the process of using them.

Using a vacuum cleaner to clean a room could make the job faster and easier, but this tool is not the best alternative to clean a room. For example, when you clean the floor of the room from any dust and dirt such as spills of oil on the floor, it will definitely be difficult to clean just by using a vacuum cleaner, you need to use a mop to lift and clean the oil spills.

There are many types of mop itself, but in general we have heard of a string mop and flat mop. Most people use these two types of mop to clean a piece of dirt. Each type of mop has a different function as well as the string mop and flat mop.

So, what's the difference between string mop and flat mop? And which one is better?

- The flat mop is used for cleaning the floors, walls, and ceilings. Flat mop has a more consistent contact surface for applying a solution for cleaning, and generally this mop works better at raising gritted floors, walls, and ceilings

- And the string mop generally holds more solutions to clean a larger area like floors and it is made of tubular or flat strips of material

Maybe some people said that flat mop is better than string mops and vice versa, but in many cases it comes down to personal preference. Regardless of which one is better between flat mop and a string mop, it all depends on their own functions because these two mop functions cannot be equated.

If you are confused to choose between these two mops to clean your room, Texwipe can help you to answer them. Texwipe presents a cleanroom mop product to reduce and control the presence of contamination and dirt that has a large or small coverage area. The Mop is designed by Texwipe has the slogan "Mops for every place" because it can reach contaminated and dirty areas in both large and small areas, and every place in between.

On Texwipe they present AlphaMop for flat mop and BetaMop for strings mop.


Represent the flat mop and designed for easy cover changes, very ideal for cleaning surfaces such as ceiling, floors, and walls. The padded head allows for a consistent contact with different surfaces and the covers easily fit over the head permitting a quick change.

Features and Benefits:

- A quick change system that allows the user to replace covers / pads frequently with strict cleaning protocols

- Consistently to clean because the polyester pad assures the mop cover to conform to surfaces

- The polyester covers provide the cleanest substrates available for cleaning walls, floors, and ceilings

- Low profile, swivel head with lightweight handles enables easier cleaning of floors, walls, ceilings, and hard-to-reach areas


Represent the string mop and designed for ease of use to clean a larger area like floors. This mop was compatible with both string and strip mop heads, and a feature with quick opening clamp for an easy head refill change. Very ideal for using it with Texwipe seamless stainless steel or polypropylene buckets and other wring-bucket systems.

Features and Benefits:

- Designed for integration and use with other cleanroom string-type mops

- Quick change design with rapid release clamp

- Corrosion-resistant construction

- Variety of add-ons and options available

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