What is Primerdesign and What are The Products?

Primerdesign is the World's best custom qPCR testing development service. Primerdesign is focused on the design, manufacture, validation, and supply of real-time PCR kits and reagents.  The company was founded in 2005 within Southampton University's School of Medicine.  

Since that humble beginning, the company has gone from strength to strength – thousands of customers in over 100 countries around the World and a fantastic reputation in the field. Primerdesign now consists of a substantial team of friendly experts, all dedicated to giving the customers a fantastic experience and all thriving in a highly professional environment.

In May 2016, Primerdesign became part of the Novacyt Group.  This merger allows Primerdesign to accelerate its growth plans and kick-started an exciting new chapter for the company, leading to an even better product and an even bigger and better team to support the customers. 

Primerdesign has many products, such as:

0.1ml PCR Tubes

0.1ml PCR tubes are available to be used on a variety of instruments, including our q16 and q32 instrumentation.  These tubes enable ease of use for PCR testing and provide a tight sealant to prevent spillage.

The quantity provided in the following:

  • x1000 tubes. 
  • x5000 tubes.         
  • x20000 tubes.

BrightWhite qPCR Plates

BrightWhite qPCR Plates are the best possible real-time PCR. It is performed by using white, opaque plasticware. As fluorescence is the key output from a real-time PCR reaction, it is crucial that as much of the fluorescent information available as possible is captured. The clear plastics, spray light in all directions, channel all of the fluorescent output from the first reaction straight back to the detector. 

BrightWhite qPCR Plates feature:

  • White opaque plastic gives brighter and better data.
  • Extreme uniformity of wall thickness.
  • Truly flat plates reduce well-to-well variability.
  • Cost-effective pricing.

gDNA Detection Kits

Quantification of genomic DNA is useful for forensic research and also as a normalizing signal for quantitative PCR and cell counting. The Primerdesign genomic DNA detection assays are sensitive down to 25pg of genomic DNA.

Unique product features:

  • gDNA-specific assays.
  • sensitive to pg quantities of DNA.

Primerdesign still has a myriad of other products. If you want to know more, please visit the official Primerdesign website at primerdesign.co.uk or distributor, PT. Hartech Indonesia on its website hartechindonesia.com.

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