Disinfectant to Prevent and Eradicate the Corona Virus? This is The Reason!

The existence of the corona virus has changed the lifestyle of many people. Health and hygiene are things that most of the people in the world currently prioritize and pay attention to. Most people adapted to a healthy lifestyle, such as exercising regularly and consuming vitamins and nutritious foods. The application of a healthy lifestyle is expected to strengthen immunity or body resistance to prevent viruses from getting into our bodies.

The implementation of a healthy lifestyle is also incomplete if it is not accompanied by maintaining personal hygiene and the surrounding environment. We will not know when the corona virus will affect us, whether it is when we are in physical contact with another person or with an object that we intentionally or accidentally touch.

That is why we are obliged to keep our distance from other people, avoid physical contact with people we do not know their health condition, diligently wash our hands, use masks, and regularly clean objects that we will use or touch. According to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it is confirmed that there is evidence of transmission of the corona virus through the air such as respiratory transmission from person to person such as coughing and sneezing, because the distance between people is in close contact (about 6 feet).

Then for the next case, is it true that touching an object can transmit the virus to us? Maybe yes, maybe no, at this time it is not clear whether this statement is true or not. However, if you accidentally touch an object previously held by a covid patient and because you don't know, you are touching parts of your face such as your mouth, nose, eyes, etc. Thank goodness, if nothing happens, but if it affects you then you have to be more careful when you want to touch any object.

To avoid these unexpected things, it is recommended that you should always spray disinfectants on each object before you touch it. Why should it be a disinfectant? Because cleaning objects only by using ordinary cleaning fluids is not necessarily optimal for preventing and eradicating a virus, that's why a disinfectant is needed.

Disinfectants are certain chemical solutions or liquids that can kill germs on the surfaces of inanimate objects such as tables, chairs, cupboards, and many more. However, it should be noted that it is not recommended to spray disinfectants on human skin. Human skin is not an inanimate object and when you spray it on the skin, it can irritate your skin and even cause cancer. For skin, it is advisable to use an antiseptic solution rather than a disinfectant.

Disinfectant products have indeed been sold a lot in the market today considering how important these liquids are in this emergency situation. Then which disinfectant products are trusted and proven to be able to eradicate that you will choose to prevent this corona?

TexQ Disinfectant from Texwipe

Why use this disinfectant product from Texwipe? Here's why, TexQ Disinfectant is an EPA-registered product and has two forms:

- First is TexQ Disinfectant, Ready-To-Use (There are TX650 and TX652)

- Second is TexQ Disinfectant, Concentrate (With TX651)

TexQ Disinfectant with code TX650 is a disinfectant product that claims to kill various types of microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, animal premise viruses, fungus and mildew in 10 minutes on hard and non-porous surfaces such as:

- Glass, laminated surfaces, metal, stainless-steel, aluminum

- Glazed porcelain and ceramic

- Sealed granite and marble

- Plastic

- Sealed limestone, slate, stone, terra cotta, terrazzo, chrome and vinyl, plexiglass, and vanity tops

- Enameled surfaces, painted / finished woodwork, formica, vinyl and plastic upholstery, washable wallpaper

What are the examples of surfaces TexQ may be safely used for?

- Tables, chairs, desks, folding tables, workstations, bed frames, lifts, washable walls, cabinets, doorknobs and garbage cans / pails, trash barrels, trash cans, trash containers, cuspidors and spittoons

- Shelves, racks and carts

- Hospital beds, bed railings, bedpans, gurneys, traction devices, MRI, CAT, examining tables, scales, paddles, wheelchairs, hard, non-porous surfaces of cervical collars and neck braces, spine backboards, stretchers, unit tools, CPR training mannequins, curing lights, light lens covers, sit lamps, operating room lights, operating tables, oxygen hoods, countertops, examination tables, X-ray tables, washing areas, carts

- Laminar-airflow equipment and BioSafety cabinet work surfaces and exterior surfaces of the following : sinks, plumbing fixture surfaces, incubators, refrigerators and centrifuge surfaces of metal, stainless-steel, glass, plastic (such as polystyrene or polypropylene), formica, and vinyl

- External lenses, vision correction devices, including eyeglasses, protective eyewear, goggles, light lens covers, optical instruments / implements. (Not for use with contact lenses)

- Windows and mirrors

Interested? Check more info about this product on texwipe.com. But if you live in Indonesia, you can buy this available product on HarTech. We HarTech have collaborated with various well-known and trusted brands including Texwipe to distribute their products in Indonesia. So, if you have more questions, feel free to call us or check out our website.

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