Beckman Coulter Helps the Healthcare Industry and Laboratories

Beckman Coulter creates a scalable range of high-quality chemical analysis tools and test kits. This tool can help optimize working time, assist and the performance of your laboratory in measuring the concentration of certain substances, such as serum, plasma, urine, and other body samples.

In line with its mission of pursuing continuous improvement and quality patient care, Beckman Coulter also offers minimal prices with affordable quality. The goal is that the health industry and laboratories can quickly treat patients better.

Some of the products from Beckman Coulter that have been launched include the AU480 (Low Volume), DxC 700 AU (Mid Volume), AU 5800 Series (High to Ultra High Volume). The following is a brief description of the three products above.

AU480 Chemistry Analyzer (Low Volume)

Compact, reliable, and cost-effective

  • Put the power of versatility to work for your lab with a smart and efficient clinical chemistry analyzer solution. The AU480 chemistry analyzer is the ideal primary clinical chemistry analyzer for low-to mid-volume hospitals and laboratories, or dedicated specialty chemistry or STAT analyzer for larger laboratories. With a throughput of up to 400 photometric tests per hour (up to 800 with ISEs), increased onboard testing, reduced sample volume, and easy operation, the AU480 delivers efficiency for laboratories around the world.
  • Sample load capacity (Routine/STAT): 80 (8 racks x 10 samples), 22 samples by the carousel.
  • Ideal for: Physician Office Laboratory, Hospital Laboratory, and Integrated Delivery Network.
  • Other features: User-friendly touch screen monitor, reagent reduction, low consumable usage, bar-coded racks to define different sample materials, 80 samples on board at any time, Automatic repeat and reflex capability, Automatic bottle switch capabilities, Non disposable quartz cuvettes, Software driven carry over elimination, Dry incubation bath, 6 months shelf life, 18 months shelf life for reference electrodes, Embedded maintenance videos.

DxC 700 AU Chemistry Analyzer (Mid Volume)

Timely results, time-proven technologies

  • Get the right results at the right time with one system. The DxC 700 AU clinical chemistry analyzer is the latest innovation in a line of reliable chemistry systems for the mid-to high-volume laboratory. The DxC 700 AU combines the best-loved (and time-tested) features of the popular DxC and AU series of clinical chemistry analyzers. This powerful combination delivers maximum uptime, high reliability, and precise performance. 
  • Photometric throughput: 800/1,200 with ISE.
  • Sample load capacity (Routine/STAT): 150 (15 racks x 10 samples), 22 samples by the carousel.
  • Ideal for: Core Laboratory, Hospital Laboratory, and Integrated Delivery Network.
  • Reliability for greater uptime with quick and easy replacement of common parts: no special tools are required, no more than three steps and no longer than 60 seconds for replacement of parts, such as sample and reagent probes, mixers, syringes, ISE electrodes, and optical lamps, extensive online help with instructional videos.

AU 5800 Series Chemistry Analyzer (High to Ultra High Volume)

The fastest full-menu clinical chemistry analyzers:

  • Give your high and ultra high-volume core laboratory a performance boost. Clinical chemistry analyzers in the AU5800 series are the fastest in the industry, processing up to 2,000 tests per hour with a full menu of assays, including Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM) and Drugs of Abuse. Increase lab productivity with continuous operation, powerful throughput and scalable capacity up to four modules. 
  • Photometric throughput: up to 8,000 tests/hour and up to 9,800 tests/hour with dual ISE.
  • Sample load capacity (Routine/STAT): 400 samples (2 x 20 rack set).
  • Ideal for: Hospital Laboratory and Reference Laboratory.
  • Intuitive graphical user interface: sample tracking, reagent inventory data by day of the week, patient results displayed in “real time”, user-defined, customized menu and Color alerts to highlight system operating alerts.

However, These products may not be available in your country or region at this time. Please contact Beckman Coulter’s sales representative or distributor (PT. Hartech Indonesia on its website for more information.

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