EZ BioPac® an Easy Powder Transfer System. Want to know how it works?

As you can see EZ BioPac is a single-use powder transfer bag system designed to help solve the problem of avoiding contamination of powders when they are transferred to a container, reactor or hydration tank. The use of the EZ BioPac makes transferring, charging, and discharging of powder for the Bioprocessing and pharmaceutical industries very fast and easy.

How does EZ BioPac work and why is this so easy?

In its operation, EZ BioPac only requires one worker to do it, this reduces the need for labor, and avoids work accidents because EZ BioPac products are made with a high level of safety that helps ensure the safety of workers. Now, how does EZ BioPac work?

1. There are standard sizes of bags with outer containers that we could use to transfer the powder safely

2. These EZ BioPac bags are scalable from 1 to 100kg fill sized with +/- 0,5% accuracy net weight displayed. The pre weighed dry ingredients are dispensed into the top of the EZ BioPac bag and the bottom of the bag is the connection to the vessel and is a clean connection for the powder

3. Place the EZ BioPac bag in a good position 

4. Open the container, reactor, or hydration tank to transfer the powder

5. Use a lifting device to lift the bag 

6. If the bag is already above the tank, then use the connection to discharge the powder from the bag into the tank

7. This connection is compatible with standard sanitary and stretch fit that can easily use with standard and single-use operations

8. Remove the WeLoc clamp or zip tie so the powder can flow directly into the tank without any contamination risk and safeguarding the employees and facilities

Still hesitate to use EZ BioPac? Here are 10 advantages of EZ BioPac and see how this product profitable for you

1. Easy filling process with feature wide opening

2. Big wide open of EZ BioPac allows fast fine-tuning 

3. Filling time with 71% faster or around 2 minutes compared with other transfer bags

4. Eliminate and reduce contamination risk dry powder spills or overflows

5. Safe and secure sealing system with WeLoc clamp or zip / cable tie

6. Has a feature separate discharge outlet that ensures a 99.9% clear and clean completed discharge and fast product transfer

7. Faster discharge under a minute and a half

8. The EZ BioPac material prevents any product scraps from being left behind and stuck in the bag so as to maximize value and ensure an accurate volume dispense

9. The strong and lightweight material of the EZ BioPac framework can protect the bag from accidents or damage 

10. Bag flexibility that is able to accommodate a maximum volume of large and small capacities

After the discussion above, if you think about why we have to change from our powder handling system to EZ BioPac because our system works well enough and solves our problems. The answer to that is please don't change if you're comfortable with what you have right now and if you think it is already best suited for your operation and manufacturing to handle powder. But if you want existing practices require a change and updated to move to an improved powder handling situation, please use EZ BioPac for the optimum solution.

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