5 Facts about BioSaliva Tests

When it comes to the Covid-19 detection test, the most common test we know of is the swab-PCR test, which performs a sampling method by striking the swab tools into the nose. But turns out, there is an easier and more convenient way to sample a Covid-19 detection test, i.e. using saliva.

Currently, PT Biofarma and Nusantics (a company engaged in biotechnology) are trying to launch a new test tool for detecting Covid-19 called BioSaliva, which has a new sampling method, that is taking samples of human saliva through the mouth rinse or gargling method. PT Biofarma and Nusantics said that the detection of Covid-19 using the gargling method was considered much easier, safer, convenient and effective to detect the presence of the virus in the human body.

For now, maybe not many Indonesian people know about this BioSaliva test. Many people may still wonder whether this method can effectively and efficiently detect viruses? Are the results obtained accurate? Or is this gargling method already qualified and given permission to be disseminated? To answer all these questions, lets take a look at some facts related to this BioSaliva method.

1. It has gone through a rigorous validation test and has complied with the applicable terms and conditions
During the development process of this BioSaliva validation test, PT Biofarma and Nusantics involved more than 400 samples of Covid-19 patients in Indonesia which were carried out for 7 months. The process of developing a validation test for 400 Covid-19 patients is expected to provide the product results according to the needs and conditions of the Indonesian people.

2. It has obtained a distribution permit from the ministry of health
For those of you who are still hesitant and afraid to use the bio-saliva test method, now you don't need to. Because the bio-saliva test kit has officially received a distribution permit from the Health Ministry of Republic Indonesia on April 1, 2021. And it should be underlined that PT Biofarma and Nusantics have collaborated with several leading institutions and hospitals in the process of developing and testing, BioSaliva product, including the Faculty of Medicine Diponegoro University, Diponegoro National Hospital, and General Hospital Dr Kariadi Center.

3. Claimed to have a higher accuracy level compared to the other tests

One of the things that stands out from the use of this method is the high accuracy level compared to the other result tests. The bio-saliva test is proven to be able to detect virus numbers up to a CT 40. The CT value is usually an indicator used to find out how far the amount of virus contained in the human body.

The following below is a comparison of the use of the bio-saliva test method (gargling) with other tests based on what is claimed by the nusantics company at nusantics.com.

4. Claimed to be able to detect 10 variants of Covid-19
As we know that not only humans and time can develop, but viruses can also mutate and develop, the same thing with the Covid-19 virus which is growing and has many variants now. Well, currently, Biofarma and Nusantics claim that bio-saliva products have been able to detect the 10 newest Covid-19 variants, and make it the first and only products capable of doing this. Here are 10 variants that are claimed to be used in the bio-saliva product:

- B117 (Alpha)

- B1351 (Beta)

- P.1 (Gamma)

- B1617.2 (Delta)

- B1617.1 (Kappa)

- B1525 (Eta)

- B1526 (Iota)

- B14662 (Indonesia Variant)

- B1427/29 (Epsilon)

- C.37 (Lambada)

5. Affordable prices with great results and high quality provided

For the price of this product, we only need to pay around Rp.799.000. This price is very affordable for the public, considering that there are still limited quantities and also the advantages, convenience and ease of use provided make this product really has an economical price.

Although currently there is a lot of research and development of new types of examination methods for Covid-19 detection, for now WHO is still setting the PCR (Poly Chain Reaction) method as the gold standard or the international standard for the detection of Covid-19. However, whatever type of examination you will choose later, whether gargling or PCR or others, make sure you continue to prioritize the health protocols that have been determined and applied internationally.

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