Toguard Provides You an All in One Chemical Absorbent and Neutralization Agent for Your Laboratory Accident

The laboratory is a place where we usually carry out research, observations, and experiments on scientific things. The laboratory is indeed identical with strange tools that have different uses and benefits. This place does have many advantages when we do chemical research, therefore researchers and scientists spend a lot of their time experimenting in the laboratory.

However, the laboratory is a place that is so prone to many accidents. Some of the main causes of laboratory accidents are Chemical Hazards and Human Error. Accidents that occur in this laboratory can have a pretty bad effect on the workers and the people near the laboratory who are affected by it. Besides that, it will also give financial losses, reduce the productivity of workers in the laboratory and finally, damage the company's reputation in the public.

To overcome various kinds of laboratory accidents, especially in chemical spill accidents, which inevitably will lead to harmful chemical exposure because this is very dangerous and requires fast and swift handling, GT Scien provides Toguard as a solution to the problem of acidic, basic, and organic chemical spills quickly in all in one agent solution.

Toguard provides an all in one solution as a chemical absorbent and neutralization agent that provides comprehensive benefits, such as:

- Particulate and steam / gas spread prevention

- Acid / base neutralization

- Spill spread prevention

- Spill absorption

- Spillage collection and processing

- Waste separation and disposal

- Pollutant removal

Toguard is specially designed to absorb and neutralize chemical spills in order to prevent further bodily injury and property damage in laboratories from fire explosions and pollution. Toguard is also made using materials that are harmless and safe to use and distributed for human needs. Toguard ingredients can be used in food and cosmetic products.

Apart from Toguard's ingredients that are safe for human use, Toguard also has the following advantages such as:

- Toguard has high absorption for safe chemical clean up. Toguard works quickly and efficiently in absorbing and neutralizing chemical spills, so that the cleaning time for chemical spills will be much simpler and less time-consuming 

- Toguard is available in three types according to the type of chemical substance and will change color depending on the pH level of chemical spills, the differences can help separate and dispose of some chemicals safely

- Toguard has less heat compared to other products while making the absorption and neutralizing process, this is useful for ensuring the accidents and can be treated and cleaned up safely

- Usually after absorbing the chemical, Toguard solidifies into a gel for easy clean up and easy disposal after use

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