Stackable Incubator Shaker, Designed for Table-Top Use or Double-Deck Stacking

Since 1982, N-Biotek has become the main manufacturer of biomedical and lab equipment in the world through its own creative technique and innovation. N-Biotek products are renowned for their attractive designs, unique features, outstanding quality, and competitive price.

N-Biotek products also have many patents and international standards such as CE, ETL, ISO, and GMP and also offer real-time monitoring through grafting the IT technology. Since 2010, N-Biotek has expanded and started new businesses such as constructing a stem cell processing system and biological clean room, GMP consulting, validation service, and the health care service for foreign customers in order to be the leader in the life science field.

In addition, N-Biotek is the only company that is building an overall stem cell processing system for partners who wish to start a stem cell business. N-Biotek meets all the needs for a stem cell business perfectly in a short period of time, including the construction of a biological clean room, all equipment installations, and stem cell processing technology consulting.

The N-Biotek stem cell laboratory manages stem cell processing technology for companies in South Korea, China, Japan, and Vietnam. N-Biotek is a leader in the stem cell industry, providing total solutions for the growing stem cell business.

N-Biotek creates many products, one of them is Stackable Incubator Shaker (NB-205QM / NB-205QMC). It has a 70-liter capacity and a constant temperature incubator with one built-in shaker, designed for table-top use or for double-deck stacking. With a built-in shaker, this incubator is widely used for suspension cell culture in microbiology and molecular biology. Stacking incubators are easy to install and saves your lab space.

Stackable Incubator Shaker also includes various features. Some of them are:

  • Suitable size for table-top and double-deck stacking.
  • Easy-simple-safe stacking kit allows 2 decks stacking in a short time easily.
  • Stable shaking and low noise by BLDC magnetic induction drive motor.
  • One shaker is built-in and the loading capacity is up to 1ea x 2L flask.
  • Effective peltier cooling (NB-205QMC only) down to 15°C at 25°C (RT). 
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