Meet the Need for Clean Water in the Laboratory with the Milli-Q High-Flow Water Purification System

The existence of a water purification system is very important and vital to ensure the production process in the laboratory. The laboratory has many parts, rooms, and instruments in it, so the water system needs to be distributed to all parts, this is done to make each part of the laboratory get certainty and meet the need for pure and clean water. Milli-Q is a high-flow water purification system tool made by Merck Millipore which is designed to help you obtain and fulfil your pure and clean water needs in your laboratory or workplace with a high-performance, sophisticated and effective system.

Features and Benefits:

  • Reliably powerful energy. Can distribute high-quality purified water consistently to all parts, instruments, and applications up to 13,000 L/day.
  • High-throughput purification systems that combine compact and modular installations to ensure daily water requirements are met.
  • Has a modern and sophisticated technology system with a constant, consistent flow rate system, and can save operational costs up to 50% of water consumption.
  • Can perform remote maintenance on tools. Has an automated online system that is easy to monitor and control, also provides online service capability that can support the effective and efficient use of time, simplifies system management, and provides advanced data traceability easily.
  • Ease of use, because Milli-Q has a design that is equipped with a large and integrated touchscreen interface that allows and provides every personnel to perform intuitive and comprehensive operations and fast data access.
  • ISO certified for loop design, installation, qualification, maintenance plans, supporting documentation, MyMilli-Q digital services.
  • Water purification that are equipped with Merck MyMilli-Q digital services to give remote care monitoring and control. Give an alert notification sign via email or SMS that can faster service treatment and repair possible.

From conception, design, and installation, to engineering expertise and technical support, Merck Millipore is ready to support and provide you with its high-quality and automated connected water purification system. If you are interested in buying and ordering it abroad, you can contact Merck Millipore’s trusted distributor partner depending on your location. If you are in Indonesia, you can contact us at For more details regarding the product information and price details, you can directly visit and contact or request a quotation to us, Hartech Indonesia.

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