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MilliporeSigma Integritest 5 Instrument Provides Integrity Testing

Assurance MilliporeSigma new Integritest 5 instrument is an easy-to-use, portable and fully automated integrity test system for verification of filters and processing equipment. The latest model of the first commercially available automated integrity test instrument introduced more than 25 years ago now incorporates an improved algorithm to simplify test creation and accelerate test completion. 

The user-friendly software makes it easy to set up and manage users and tests, while offering a depth of advanced functionality for those who need additional options. Every unit comes with powerful networking features, including multi-unit synchronization to eliminate maintaining numerous instruments. Tests can be organized together in collections, with user-level security allowing administrators to specify the type of access granted to each individual user.

Key features of MilliporeSigma Integritest 5 instrument include:

  1. Intuitive software for easy set up and management of users, tests and data; tests can be assigned to specific users reducing the risk of human error.
  2. Networking functions include automatic backups, multi-unit management and synchronization.
  3. Robust design protects against water and dust entry and an automatic self-check protects against calibration issues.
  4. Flexible displays, run information, and test collections are customizable to fit user process. The touch-screen-based Integritest.
  5. instrument has help displays available for each step of the process and offers additional product support in the form of individual software tutorial videos and an operator how-to video.

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