Introducing the soloASEPTIC System from Solo Containment

The soloASEPTIC system is a product of Solo Containment which is designed to accommodate and support various aseptic processes in a single-use disposable insulator. Aseptic is a state free from infection or free from the presence of microorganisms / pathogenic organisms that cause disease and infection. While the aseptic process is a clinical procedure carried out to prevent and reduce contamination and injury of the human body parts. Aseptic processes are often carried out in places such as laboratories, chemical factories, and other places that have a high level of danger.

The use of the soloASEPTIC system provides convenience and high flexibility when carrying out activities in the laboratory, soloASEPTIC also provides maximum security from contamination both in laboratory facilities and its personnel. The soloASEPTIC system is designed for each application and based on a set of well-researched and developed engineering principles. Suitable for handling any aseptic process, either fill and finish, interfacing existing machinery or transfer processing.

What Features and Benefits will you Get with soloASEPTIC?

  • Single-use disposable isolator with flexible enclosure
  • Instant installation
  • Deliver unidirectional airflow to meet cGMP standards
  • Rapid change over time
  • Provide no contamination of non-disposable parts
  • Can transfer sterilized products and equipment
  • Can be applied to vial preparation and VHP sterilization
  • Gamma irradiated enclosures
  • H14 air inlet and air exit filters
  • Gas-tight zip access
  • Heat sealable continuous liner
  • Reduce and prevent work accidents
  • Ideal for handling any aseptic process effectively and efficiently
  • Cost-effective

If you are interested in buying the soloASEPTIC device system, please visit and contact for more information regarding the product detail description and the prices. Hartech is a distributor agent in Indonesia for many reputable and trustworthy brands partners. Hartech Indonesia will provide and support your laboratory or workplace equipment needs and meet your work problem solutions.

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