Digital Water Heater Circulator, A Must Have In The Laboratory

A water heater circulator is one of the equipments that must be owned or have inside the laboratory. Water heater circulators are generally used to carry out the maintenance and control of water temperatures. Currently, most laboratory equipment already has an easy, simple, and comprehensive system because everything is automated-digital, without exception for the water heater circulator.

Helping to meet the needs of the laboratory, Clyde Apac issued a superior product for the water heater circulator which has a precision digital temperature control and maintenance system. This precision heater circulator has been designed to suit all general purposes of laboratory water baths. Clyde Apac's water heater circulator models are available in thermostat control and digital microprocessor control for greater precision and easy setting of temperatures to +/- 0.20C (Ambient around +50C to +1000C).

It has the availability of circulators with four ramp / dwell segments. These circulators are divided into two models with multi-set point (MSP) features such as standard or with pump out. These two models are equivalent to the TU3 and TU4 and allow the operator to be able to set a temperature and after a determined period of time, the control can then ramp to another temperature automatically. The control is also capable of being used and processed in 4 separate ramp / dwell segments.

The Advantages

  • Recognized as an industrial-grade platinum temperature sensor.
  • Air cooled long-life circulation motor.
  • Made from stainless steel high wattage heating elements.
  • Has a high control accuracy of +/- 0.20C with digital models and available in ambient around +50C to +1000C.
  • Four segments, ramp and dwell program available in model TUMSP.
  • Availability for customized products, especially mounting TUSB brackets for all models. The bracket is suitable for a bath with a max 25mm wall.
  • Safety device for use (Over temperature manual reset safety thermostat and current protection).
  • Able to display errors and provide automated digital feedback.

For further information related to the product or if you would like to discuss further, please feel free to contact the Clyde Apac’s team or sales or you can contact the Clyde Apac’s distributor agent partner, Hartech Indonesia, if your region is in Indonesia at

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