Here’s Why We Should Always Maintain and Control our Cleanroom Quality Air Filter

Maintaining the quality of cleanroom air both at home and at your workplace is very important and needs attention. Poor air quality in a room will cause bad health conditions for those who breathe it. Maintaining and monitoring indoor air quality is indeed important in the midst of the spread of the coronavirus, because even though we do not yet know whether air is one of the causes of the spread of the virus or not, we must remain vigilant as an effort to prevent the corona virus.

However, it should be noted that maintaining indoor air quality to keep it clean and healthy is not only done because of this coronavirus, precisely before the corona appears and after the corona is gone, we must continue to pay attention to it. Poor air quality has a risk of causing serious diseases such as:

- Respiratory tract infections

- Cancer

- Heart

- Emphysema

- Lung disease, and many more

Thinking about so many risks of disease that will arise, this is the reason we must routinely clean the room air filters at our homes and workplaces. Air filtration is the technology used most widely as a means of filtering dirt, dust, and particles in the air.

However, even though you are diligent in cleaning your room's air filter, sometimes if the tool is not suitable for use or out of date, your efforts to maintain the quality of your room's clean air will be in vain. Like the development of times, the problems faced are also different, such as the current amount of air pollution, which makes it difficult for humans to breathe clean air both indoors and outdoors, so solutions to overcome this problem must also be developed such as air filter technology which already has to be updated the system in order to solve the problem optimally.

Clyde-Apac is a specialist company specializing in the field of air filtration, and contamination / pollution control equipment for industry, healthcare, and science. This company is based in NSW, Australia and has produced air filtration products that are designed to control the dust from the dust that you can see right down to sub-micron particles.

Clyde-Apac also provides comprehensive on-site maintenance, testing and certification services for cleanrooms, laminar flow workstations, safety cabinets, HEPA filter installations and fume cabinets with AS1807 standard and has been certified by NATA and ISO.

Clyde-Apac believes that whatever business area you operate in, effective air filtration and pollution control are vital for your products, processes and people. When you need more info, kindly visit or contact our sales, if your region is in Indonesia then contact Hartech as Clyde-Apac products distributor agent.

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