DNA Test, Analyze and Identify The Risk of Certain Diseases

What is a DNA test? DNA test or also known as genetic test is a test carried out to determine the genetic composition of living things such as humans, animals, and plants. In humans, DNA testing is carried out to determine the presence of changes or abnormalities in a person's genetics or lineage, this test can also be used to analyze and identify the risk of certain diseases inside the human’s body.

DNA or Deoxyribonucleic Acid is a nucleic acid substance found in human genetic material. Humans generally have a total +/- 46 chromosomes in each of their cells, these chromosomes are called genetic material contained and are composed of DNA. DNA will shape and determine human traits and characteristics according to what is in each person's body inherited from both parents, like the hair types, skin colors, eyes, and personalities.

Not everyone can and needs a DNA test because this test is not mandatory for all people. Some people who need to do a DNA test include people who are prone to suffering from certain diseases or have inherited diseases from generation to generation, pregnant women at risk of developing special diseases, so as not to interfere with their baby's development, as well as someone with a disease that is difficult to diagnose, etc. 

How Does it Work?

DNA testing is generally done through taking a sample of blood or body tissue, such as skin, hair, cheeks, or body fluids. Most samples use blood from a vein, but some uses saliva samples. For DNA testing on the fetus, the sample taken is usually amniotic fluid from the uterus of a pregnant woman or a sample of placental tissue. Once taken, the sample will be sent to a laboratory for further examination. Usually, it takes a few days to weeks to get the DNA test results.

Make Sure you Have Consulted

If you and your family want to do a DNA test, it is mandatory that you consult with a specialist doctor or genetic counselor first. This is done to avoid any psychological effects when you have gotten the results of the DNA test, such as the risk of disease that you think you will have, which might make you psychologically disturbed, like having a fear, sadness, even depression.

This consultation is also carried out in order to provide guidance and knowledge regarding how the DNA testing process will run, what you have to prepare or what you will face during the process or after the test is complete. Consultation is also done to find out whether a DNA test needs to be done with you or not.

Use the Right DNA Test Equipment

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