Guide to The Erlenmeyer Flask

Erlenmeyer flask or also known as titration flask is one of the laboratory glassware that is used as a place / container for liquid chemicals / liquid samples. The Erlenmeyer flask has a conical shape with a cylindrical neck and a small upper head and a wide round bottom. Erlenmeyer flasks are made of plastic / glass or borosilicate which can withstand hot and cold temperature conditions. These beakers are available in various volume sizes, ranging from 25ml to 2,000ml. 

Generally, the Erlenmeyer flask has a function as a place to measure, store and carry out the process of mixing chemical liquids. However, apart from being a storage and mixing tool, Erlenmeyer flasks are also often used as a place for microbial growth / growth and to carry out the titration process. The titration process is one of the laboratory analysis techniques to determine the specific substance (analyte) quantitatively.

The Function of Erlenmeyer Flask

Erlenmeyer flask has several functions, such as:

  • To measure and store / accommodate chemicals (liquid or solid) to be used as analysis samples.
  • As a place for compounding, mixing, and dissolving chemicals.
  • As a place to carry out the titration process, both with weak to strong shaking.
  • As a place to carry out the microbial cultivation process.

Types of Erlenmeyer Flask

Erlenmeyer flasks are available in two types, such as Erlenmeyer flasks with sharpening lid and without sharpening lids. Erlenmeyer flasks with sharpening lid are used to carry out titration and mixing of liquids process at a strong speed, while Erlenmeyer flasks without sharpening lid are used to carry out titration and mixing process at weak to moderate speeds.

How to use Erlenmeyer Flask Properly

Hold the neck of the glass and always use gloves when holding it. This is because the liquid sample contained in the Erlenmeyer flask usually has a hot temperature of +/- 900 C, so it is not possible to hold it without safety equipment like gloves.

When you hold the glass neck, you just need to use one hand to shake the sample solution slowly, while the other hand does not need to do anything. In general, the average laboratory workers will use gloves, lab coats, and safety glasses when using Erlenmeyer flasks for work safety reasons. When doing the shaking process, make sure the volume of the solution is following the specified volume.

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