HIAC 9703+ Provides a Great Solution for High Accuracy Result on Vaccine Test

It can't be denied that currently the development of medical technology is very important. Before distributing the vaccine to the people, it must go through many clinical tests with accuracy first until the vaccine will be clean and safe for people because it must have a guarantee for worth to be used. HIAC 9703+ helps to keep vaccines safe and clean with high accuracy tests so it could be used and distributed effectively to the public.

HIAC stands for High Accuracy Products and has functions to monitor pharmaceuticals, solvents, water, etc. HIAC have several different types, one of them is HIAC 9703+ liquid particle counters that size particles in liquids specially designed for the pharmaceutical field.

To produce a vaccine must go through a very long process to produce some vaccine. The reason why vaccines take a long time is because vaccines are produced using microorganisms whether it is alive or dead and viruses. The result of the process is that this microorganism will become a protein and then will be mixed with other substances.

The final vaccine product is usually in a liquid form. Then this liquid will be injected by syringed into the human body. These things have the intention to increase the immunity against many diseases.

All the substances contained in the vaccine liquid also must have a long test process for safety and cleanliness to avoid many bad things for the human body if syringed by injection and it must be anticipated by the medics and laboratories, pharmacies and biotech companies, research institutes, etc. So, HIAC 9703+ present to answer these problems.

HIAC 9703+ Pharmaceutical Particle counter has several advantages :

- Easy to use, with a highly device configuration

- Connected with PharmSpec software which facilitates data management and security guarantee that confirms to 21 CFR 11 regulations for food and drug administration

- Fast to detect contaminated particles

- ISO registered with clean sensor and controlled environment

- Designed to handle the full range from very small (1 ml) to very large (>1000 ml) volumes

- Specially designed vial clamp holds sample in place and small-bore sampling probe enables full application of USP787 for protein based drugs products, such as vaccines

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