What is a Bead Bath?

Have you ever heard of the term Beads Bath? The Beads Bath is one of the many laboratory equipment that we rarely know about its existence and function. If you only think that laboratory equipment only involves around the microscope, pipette, beaker, thermometer then your information isn't complete, there are a lot of laboratory equipment that you have not explored, it looks like these laboratory tools seem scary, but actually nothing scary, it's actually very fun and useful when we know the functions and how to use these tools.

Back to what is a bead bath? So, the beads bath is a waterless laboratory bath equipment, this tool does not use water, but uses beads that are specifically made to replace water use. The beads bath is used to heat up the equipment in the laboratory.

Maybe most scientists think of a water bath instead of the beads bath before for heating things, but after beads appear it turns out that beads can be used more easily, conveniently and have more advantages than using water. Quoted in labmanager.com, Paul Kim, an assistant professor of biology at Grambling State University in Louisiana, says "There are three big advantages using a bead bath".

First, the beads bath is a ready-to-use device so I can always leave the beads bath on without always doing the monitoring and refilling activities to the device. Second, a bead bath doesn't need water, which can support microbial growth. And third, we don't need floating racks or weighted collars, because everything put in the device will not move to another place, and will always stay in the position.

Because of its advantages, beads baths are widely used in life science research and a range of industries. The bead bath itself can accommodate a total volume of 6, 14, to 20 liters with an ambient temperature range of +5 Celsius degree to 80 Celsius degree. Beads will not experience evaporation during the process, this result increases temperature performance and energy savings on the tool.

The Beads Bath Duo by Benchmark Scientific

The Beads Bath Duo by Benchmark Scientific is a laboratory bath specially designed to control the precision of a temperature when used with water or with Lab Armor thermal beads. The beads bath duo has a unique button function as it can be done in beads mode or water mode.

Here are the advantages that you can get for using a beads bath duo by Benchmark Scientific:

- It will save your time by using it, because beads bath can be left running constantly with no burn-out, we don't always should monitor and check the tool

- The beads bath duo reduces the risk of contamination, so it will stay clean

- More effective and efficient of the powerful energy

- No need for the tube / bottle racks

- No evaporation for the beads and no need for refilling

- Angled tube incubations

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