Met One HHPC+ Helps to Increase Product Shelf Life

Increasingly food manufacturers are turning to cleanroom technology to control airborne contamination and increase product shelf life. The requirements for the food processing cleanrooms vary depending on the food being produced. For example, in bakery (a dry process), to be less stringent than in the (wet) dairy industry. Met One HHPC+ helps to increase product shelf life. Cleanroom for food industry.

Traditional pasteurization system submits the product to high temperatures, which generates a product with varying characteristics. Aseptic filling with controlled pasteurization and lower thermal punishment can improves the product. Moreover, natural foods without added pre-servatices and thermal processes. The demand for longer shelf life and absolute product safety is growing.

Contamination can be eliminated in the manufacturing, processing, filling and packaging of sensitive goods. The germ-free processing of foods not only permits a longer shelf life, also the safety increase reflected in lower number of complaints.

Met One HHPC+ Series Portable Particle Counter :

- Simple, fast

- One touch to start measurement

- Quickly check ISO classes cleanrooms and controlled environments

- CFR 21 part 11 with secure excel

- Easy network connectivity

- 0.3 um - 10.0 um particle detection

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