Cytotoxic Drug Safety Cabinets CG2000, Solution to Stay Safe During Work Activities

Cytotoxic is a substance or process that can cause damage to a cell. The term Cytotoxic comes from the word "Cyto" which means cell and "Toxic" which means poison. So, it can be concluded that Cytotoxic Drugs are drugs that contain toxic chemicals for cells which can destroy, give damage, and to prevent the growth of cells in the body parts of living things such as humans and animals.

Drugs that are sometimes known as antineoplastics are not only used to treat cancer disease, but can also be used to treat other diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis. Usually, even though it is believed to be able to treat these diseases, there are still some side effects to the patient's body and for people who are accidentally exposed to this drug.

What are the dangers to those who are exposed?

Because this drug contains chemicals that are quite dangerous for the human body, that is why Cytotoxic Drugs can pose dangerous risks, especially for those who are exposed when handling patients. Exposure to chemicals from these drugs can occur through skin contact that can be absorbed into the skin, or who accidentally inhale aerosols and drug particles, and everyone who is ingested or injured by needles containing these chemicals.

The following are the effects resulting from inadequate control measures when carrying out activities using Cytotoxic Drug:

- Abdominal pain, hair loss, nasal sores, vomiting, and liver damage

- Contact dermatitis and local allergic reactions

- Foetal loss in pregnant women and malformations in the children of pregnant women

- Alterations in normal blood cell count

- Abnormal formation of cells and mutagenic activity or mutations forming

Who can be exposed and how to prevent it?

Anyone whose work is related to laboratories and hospitals such as medical and nursing staff, laboratory staff, pharmacy technicians, etc. will be at risk of exposure to Cytotoxic Drug, even veterinarians can be exposed to this drug. So how to prevent it? One way to prevent this is to provide safety cabinets in every laboratory and hospital that can protect workers from exposure to aerosols or vapors that may be generated in the manufacture, growth, manipulation, and dispensing of the Cytotoxic Drug.

Cytotoxic drug safety cabinets, CG2000 version by Clyde Apac gives you laboratory and hospital workers a solution to stay safe during work activities and maximize the results of your work.

Why is The CG2000 Cabinet by Clyde Apac?

CG2000 cabinets are part-recirculating laminar air flow enclosures with high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration of exhaust air and an air barrier at the work opening. HEPA-filtered vertical laminar air flow, which is recirculated in the work zone creates an ultra-clean work environment for product protection. An air barrier between the operator and the work zone is maintained by a flow of room air into a full-width grille in the work opening.

The barrier air mixes with the recirculated laminar flow air in a sump underneath the work surface, and is exhausted from the cabinet via HEPA filter which is located directly under the work tray. All positive pressure zones and filter seals are surrounded by negative pressure zones, so as to contain potentially hazardous aerosols.

Cabinets are produced with a work zone width of 90cm, 120cm or 180cm and are free standing units that incorporate a floor stand. Standard cabinets have exhaust discharge on the right-hand side with optional left-hand side or top exhaust available. Top exhaust is typically specified where cabinet exhaust air is to be entrained into the room exhaust.

These cabinets provide advanced system-monitoring technology and a number of unique design features intended to enhance safety and ease of use.

For further information related to Cytotoxic drug safety cabinets CG2000 version by Clyde Apac or if you would like to discuss further, please feel free to contact the team or our sales or contact our distributor, Hartech Indonesia if your region is Indonesia on their website.

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