The Importance of ISO for your Business

If you buy or use a product, you often see and hear the words of ISO. ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is one of the international standards in measuring the management system of an organization / company. Measurement of this management system is shown to assess and determine the quality of a company, whether it has met good standards or not.

ISO is very important in measuring the credibility of organizations / companies that want to compete globally. If your company wants to go international but does not yet have and fulfill the international standards, then your company will be difficult to be recognized and to compete in the international market. If your company does not fulfil the ISO standards, your company automatically does not have a good management system.

Organizations / companies that already have ISO certification usually have more advantages to easily enter the international markets, even these companies can have the opportunity to win the market competitions. This can be due to the company's system guarantee, product and service quality assurance, also the trust and confidence or loyalty from the customers to the company.

ISO can be described as a guideline in the company's operations that focuses and prioritizes how the system will arrange. That system must be obeyed and applied by every personnel in the company. Here are the advantages of ISO for your business or company:

  • Companies and businesses will be registered certification institutes and audited periodically.
  • Improving the quality and credibility of the company as well as the customers trust and loyalty.
  • Guarantee the quality of products and services with international standards, as well as guarantee a high and good quality of management system.
  • As a working / operational guideline for the company, to maximize the output and performance of members and minimize the failures.
  • Increase new customer opportunities and company’s image.

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