Your measurement instruments are a valuable investment and so maintaining the accuracy and performance of your equipment is vital, especially if you need to meet any regulations, standards or guidelines.

Regardless of how often you use your instruments, regular calibration is an important part of this and as an authorized agent of your instruments, Hartech’s Service Team can provide you with the care and attention that you should demand.

Our fixed price calibration policy gives you a cost effective way to ensure that you are compliant with any regulations and that your equipment is kept in peak condition.

All calibrated instruments are supplied with fully certified and traceable certification. The calibration service can also be supplied for new equipment when ordered.

Our Scope Capability of Calibration:

MetOne Beckman Coulter : Airborne Particle Counter
HIAC Beckman Coulter : Liquid Particle Counter
Merck Millipore : Lab water System, Integrity Test, Air Sampler
Clyde Apac : Laminar Flow Cabinet, Biosafety Cabinet, Cytotoxic Cabinet
Wheaton: Roller Apparatus Instrument, CO2 Incubator
VWR SAS : Air Sampler, Isolator Air Sampler, Compressed Gas Air Sampler

Turnaround times of our calibrations are fast and reliable. For further information on our calibration service please contact our Customer Service or Technical Support Service Team.   
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