Adhesive Mats for Cleanrooms

Model : Adhesive Mats for Cleanrooms | Category : Cleanroom Matts | Brand : Texwipe

Adhesive Mats for Cleanrooms

CleanStep™ is the preferred choice in adhesive mats and frames for cleanrooms and critical areas. Constructed from the highest grade polyethylene (mats) and polystyrene
(frames), this contamination control system grabs and retains particulates from foot- and wheel-borne contaminants. Whether cleaning protocols require portability or the surface just isn’t conducive to adhesives, CleanStep’s mix of sizes and colors are sure to fit the bill. The easy selection will improve your environment and save you time.*   Our mats come in 5 sizes, 3 colors, and 2 layer options.  Simply choose a size, preferred color, layer and select an optional frame!  It's as easy as 1-2-3!

Adhesive Mats

Highest grade polyethylene, these mats grab and retain paticulates from foot and wheel traffic.
Size  BLUE
30 layer              60 layer
30 layer             60 layer
30 layer                60 layer
18" x 36" AMA183681B AMA183682B   AMA183681G AMA183682G   AMA183681W AMA183682W
18" X 46" AMA184681B -   AMA184681G -   AMA184681W -
24" x 36" AMA243681B -   - -   - AMA243682W
25" x 45" AMA254581B AMA254582B   AMA254581G AMA254582G   AMA254581W AMA254582W
36" x 46" AMA364681B AMA364682B   AMA364681G AMA364682G   AMA364681W AMA364682W

Non-Skid Frames for Texwipe Mats

These light-weight, non-skid polystyrene frames adhere to the floor without adhesive and stay in place. Easy to move.
Frames fit 18" x 36", 25" x 45" and 36" x 46" mat sizes. Available in white color only.
Mat Size    Frame Color Part Number Actual Frame Size Case Qty
18" x 36"   White FW1937  19" x 37" x 1/8" 1 frame
25" x 45"   White FW2646 26" x 46" x 1/8" 1 frame
36" x 46"   White FW3747 37" x 47" x 1/8"  1 frame
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