Met one 6000P

Model : Met one 6000P | Category : Remote Air Particle Counters | Brand : Beckman Coulter
MET ONE 6000P pumped remote air particle counters provide ISO 21501 accuracy in fixed remote, continuous particle monitoring. Compact with micro processor controlled flow for cleanroom monitoring within the pharmaceutical, semiconductor, hard disk drive and flat panel display industries.

asy installation and reduced cost
Built-in pump allows installation anywhere without high cost vacuum pump requirements. Industry leading particle counting on-line reliability
ISO 21501 compliant with built-in flow sensor for CFR21 data accuracy and reliability. Flexible for all your remote air particle counter applications
Flexible particle count size in 0.3um or 0.5um sensitivity at 0.1cfm or 1.0cfm flow rates. Industry leading quality and reliability
Long life laser diode for guaranteed continuous monitoring. Easy to integrate with any facility monitoring system
Open architecture design to communicate seamlessly with your system. Multiple communication options: Pulse, Serial Modbus, Ethernet, Wireless and Analog.

ISO 14644 Compliance
  • ISO21501 compliance ensures you are proactively compliant to the next revision of ISO14644
Aseptic Clean Room Manufacturing
  • The MET ONE 6000P pumped remote air particle counter is specifically designed to manage all aseptic fill cleanroom fixed location applications
Semiconductor Clean Room Environments
  • Industry’s most accurate particle counting fully complies to ISO 21501 calibration standards, the MET ONE 6000P pumped remote air particle counter assures increase yield
Flat Panel Clean Room Environments
  • Increase yield and eliminate contamination concerns in your flat panel production area with the MET ONE 6000P pumped remote air particle counter
Hard Disk Drive Clean Room Environments
  • The MET ONE 6000 pumped remote air particle counter provides low cost of ownership price-per-point particle counting with industry leading high quality


Part Number Description
2088598-03 6000P Ship Kit including isokinetic probe, purge filter, power cord, connectors
2088516-02 6000P Configuration Kit includes: configuration cable, software and user manual


Part Number Description
2088601-15 4 size channel option
VP623501 AC power cord set, 115V
VP623500 AC power cord set, 230V
2088480 Bracket, to mount external LED light stack with isokinetic probe
2088482 Bracket, wall, for external LED light stack
2082644-3 Bracket, wall, type T, for isokinetic probe
460-400-7004 Cable, for external stainless steel LED light stack, 4m with connector
2088379-01 Cable, service port
410-400-1507 DC input and/or analog input connector
590815 Fuse, T-2A 250V
2088594 Inlet nozzle, 3/8”
2088396-01 Light stack, stainless steel, external LED
2080999-3 Probe, extended – vertical wall mount, 1.0 cfm, 12”
2080999-4 Probe, extended – vertical wall mount, 1.0 cfm, 16”
2080999-9 Probe, extended – vertical wall mount with bracket for indicator light stack, 1.0 cfm, 12”
2080999-1 Probe, extended – vertical wall mount with bracket for indicator light stack, 1.0 cfm, 16”
2082646-2 Probe, isokinetic 1.0 cfm, 1/4"
2084148-01 Probe, isokinetic 1.0 cfm, 3/8"
960200 Tubing, 1/4 inch ID
960380 Tubing, 3/8 inch ID

Spec Value
Number of Size Channels Standard 2 or Optional 4
Light Source Long Life Laser™ diode
Weight 4.62 kg (10.2 lb)
Dimensions 17.15 x 11.43 x 31.75 cm (6.75 x 4.5 x 12.5 inches)
Enclosure Stainless Steel
Power Requirements 24 VDC ± 10% or 100 to 230 VAC 50/60 Hz (source: Class 2 limited energy, <150 VAC)
Power Consumption 50 W DC, 7.9 W AC maximum
Operating Temperature 10 to 32 °C (50 to 90 °F), 5 to 95% relative humidity, non-condensing
Storage Temperature -40 to 70 °C (-40 to 158 °F), 5 to 98% relative humidity, non-condensing
Signal Output Options Analog 4–20 mA, Ethernet with TCP/IP protocol
Pump Type Air Vacuum, rated for continuous use
Flow Control Micro processor with Differential Pressure sensor
Coincidence Loss 5% at 2,000,000 particles/ft3 - 5% at 400, 000 particle/ft3 - (14,000,000 particles/m3)
False Count Rate One or less in five minutes
Status Indicator Multi-colored LED for normal status, count alarm, count alert, sensor failure, flow failure or communication failure
Accessories Included Isokinetic Probe, Purge Filter, Configuration Kit, Operator Manual
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