Powder Mixing into Liquid Solution

Model : Powder Mixing into Liquid Solution | Category : Process Equipment Containment | Brand : ILC Dover

The efficient mixing of media and buffer powders into liquids is a crucial step in profitable pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturing. For operations where low shear and high product integrity are required, no other technology performs as well as the patented venturi system used by the ILC Dover Jet Solutions PST Large Jet Injector. 
  • Rapid mixing  
  • Virtually no shear forces exerted on the powder and insignificant product heating, so the powder’s properties are preserved 
  • Small footprint and mobile design makes it easy to use one system for several processes 


The PST Large Jet Injector offers an array of advantages over competitive systems like the Tri-blender. These include: 
  • Particle-by-particle introduction of powder via strong vacuum, to keep things moving smoothly 
  • Efficient powder delivery at viscosities from 1cP to 20,000cP 
  • Complete dissolution of powder, without clumping 
  • Very low energy consumption 
  • Can be operated at floor level for improved ergonomics and better worker safety 
  • Design makes it easy to meet WIP/CIP (wash-in-place)/(clean-in-place) requirements 
  • Facile handling of viscous solutions 
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