Drum Sampling Enclosure System

Model : Drum Sampling Enclosure System | Category : Flexible Isolators | Brand : ILC Dover

ILC Dover’s Drum Sampling Enclosure system, a proven containment system, supports accessing drummed materials – with the drum fully contained.  Some processes advocate the safety of removing the drum lid before placing the drum inside the containment device.  Experience proves the risk exists, even with a dual inner liner, that cross contamination and operator exposure can occur.As the pioneer of flexible containment systems for the pharmaceutical industry, ILC Dover offers enclosures constructed from our durable ArmorFlex film-the same material used in the DoverPac® API containment system.


  • Clear film allows use of existing light from the process area 
  • Static dissipative film supports ATEX and Ex rating 
  • Re-usable for repeated sampling 
  • Tamper proof sampling 
  • Portable 
  • Small footprint doesn’t take much space 
  • Can be used in any part of the facility 
  • No cross-contamination transfer to other parts of the plant 
  • Stretch on enclosure interfaces with common size drums but can also be customized 
  • One per operation 
  • Low capital, depreciation and operating costs maximizes true cost of ownership 
  • Reduced cleaning and cleaning validation 
  • Immediate implementation supports production and lab processes in any part of the plant

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