Bag In - Bag Out Liners

Model : Bag In/Bag Out (BIBO) system | Category : Process Equipment Containment | Brand : ILC Dover

The ILC Dover Bag In/Bag Out (BIBO) system is a family of contained transfer designs for multiple processes.  The primary components for this validated operation consist of multiple groove canisters, docking interface hardware, and softgoods in either continuous liner form or discreet liners. This system can be applied to any rigid or flexible isolator.  The use of multiple size canisters allows a broad range of needs to be met, systems can be retrofit to existing assets, and the BIBO system requires a low capital outlay. 

  • Validated system 
  • Single use sleeves of regulatory compliant ArmorFlex® films 
  • Minimizes risk during operation 
  • Eliminates concern of cross contamination  
  • Reduced cleaning and cleaning validation costs 
  • Reduced process time and cost by eliminating multiple RTP canisters. 
  • Eliminates RTP seal maintenance 

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