SA 3100

Model : SA 3100 | Category : Particle Characterization | Brand : Beckman Coulter
The SA 3100 is a benchtop BET surface area and pore size analyzer that uses the static dosing method. User control is via an innovative touchscreen. 

This reference method uses helium to measure the sample tube free-space for highly accurate data. The unit has three vacuum out-gassing stations and one analysis port. It provides single and multipoint surface area analysis, multigas capability for surface area and full adsorption capability. An optional SA-PREP™ Surface Area Outgas Station is designed for customers who need extra capacity.

Single and Multipoint BET data and Langmuir Surface Area data
Complete Adsorption and Desorption Isotherm capability
B.J.H. Pore Size Analysis
MP and T-Plot Methods

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