Media preparators, Steragar

Model : Media preparators, Steragar | Category : Media Preparator | Brand : SAS VWR
he Steragar preparators are designed for preparing, sterilising and dispensing media under controlled conditions of time and temperature. The automation and control that is achieved by the instruments allows the user to reproducibly prepare media as suggested by international standards. The external and internal chamber are made of AISI 304 stainless steel. The insulated ABS lid is equipped with screw cap opening for adding heat-sensitive substances, steam safety valve, chamber pressure manometer, agar dispensing connector and thermoprobe. The automatic chocolate-agar cycle is standardised. A programmable microprocessor card guarantees a good management of the sterilisation and dispensing process.
  • Water jacket system for a rapid and linear cooling
  • Electromagnetic agitation system gives maximum temperature uniformity
  • Control panel with digital display for a continuous monitoring of the temperature and the production cycle
  • Closure with “Quick Tilt” system for easier opening
  • Accurate temperature control allows the addition of thermolabile products, such as blood, at the lowest possible temperature (e.g. 42 °C) without agar solidification
  • Mains water supply connection

Description Pk VWR Catalog Number Quantity
  Steragar up to 10 l 1 710-0864
  Steragar up to 16 l 1 710-0863
Model Steragar up to 10 l Steragar up to 16 l
Weight (kg) 55 60
W×D×H (mm) 600×500×610

  Description Pk VWR Catalog Number Quantity
  Aspir aspiration nozzle 1 710-0899
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