Muse Cell Analyzer

Model : Muse Cell Analyzer | Category : Cell Analysis | Brand : Merck Millipore

Muse® Cell Analyzer


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Meet your Muse® — a Robust, Compact Instrument for Automated Cell Analysis.

Sophisticated cell analysis doesn’t have to be exclusive, complicated, or costly. With the Muse® Cell Analyzer, you can now achieve highly quantitative results at a fraction of the price, effort, and time. The Muse® Cell Analyzer packs 3-parameter analysis into a compact, easy-to-use benchtop device, making flow cytometry accessible to anyone, anytime. A user-friendly touchscreen interface, intuitive software and optimized assays work to simplify your research.
  • Quantitative data at the single cell level
  • Simple, effortless operation
  • Intuitive software and touchscreen user interface
  • Rapid setup and analysis
  • Optimized Muse® assays
  • Compact size; (footprint of only 8 in x 10 in (20 cm x 25 cm)
  • Flow cytometry technology in an affordable instrument
The Muse® instrument has an integrated touchscreen and software for data acquisition and analysis using optimized Muse® Assays. Its microcapillary flow cell is engineered for acquisition of both suspension and adherent cells 2-60 microns in diameter.

Meet your Muse®—a robust, compact instrument for automated cell analysis.
Muse® uses fluorescent reagents and detection to measure three parameters for every cell, with little or no sample preparation required. Muse® assays are available for precision cell counts as well as single-cell measurement of critical cell parameters including:

Simple, fast cell analysis in a few easy steps!

Explore each step to see for yourself!
Load Sample
Adjust Settings
Rapid sample prep and easy-to-follow staining protocols mean many assays go from suspension to acquisition in as little as 30 minutes. Then simply insert the microcentrifuge tube into the loader and lift to engage.
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