EZ-Fit Filtration Unit

Model : EZ-Fitâ„¢ Filtration Unit | Category : Bioburden Testing | Brand : Merck Millipore

EZ-Fit™ Filtration Unit

Ready-to-use sterilized filtration devices for microbial enumeration


The EZ-Fit™ Filtration Unit is a disposable filtration device for bioburden testing of liquid samples including water, in-process samples, and final products.


Designed for Optimal Microbial Recovery
The EZ-Fit™ Filtration Units have been designed to ensure optimal microbial recovery. The drain support and the funnel-to-base assembly have been optimized so that the membrane is perfectly flat after the sample filtration. When transferred to the culture media, the whole filtration surface of the membrane is in perfect contact with the culture media. No folds or membrane waves ensures optimal microbial recovery. The shape of the funnel and the plastic material minimize sample residue ensuring that the complete sample volume reaches the membrane surface. The innovative funnel assembly design prevents any leaks or sample by-pass of the membrane, meaning that the whole sample volume is filtered. The EZ-Fit™ Filtration Units conform to international standards (EP/USP) and comply with water testing regulations. Reduced Risk of Contamination
A continuous rim allows safe membrane transfer with forceps reducing the risk of touching the membrane filtration area, and the vented lid can be left on the device during filtration. Efficient Laboratory Workflow
Taking into consideration user requirements and ergonomic improvements, the EZ-Fit™ Filtration Unit has been developed to bring you a new standard for “Easy to use”. Clear, transparent funnel material makes it easy to visualize the end of the filtration from any angle. All around level indicators mean there is no need to turn the funnel when placing it to the filtration support. The membrane base shape facilitates membrane transfer with forceps. Funnel assembly allows one-handed funnel removal. 250 ml funnels are ideal for larger volume samples. Units are stackable to conserve space in the working area. For optimal laboratory efficiency, the EZ-Fit™ Filtration unit can be used in combination with the other EZ-Family members and with EMD Millipore culture media, available in ready-to-use or dehydrated formats. Flexibility
The EZ-Fit™ Filtration Unit can also be used with liquid media in ampoule. The funnel is then removed and the unit converts to a Petri dish ready for incubating.

In summary, the new EZ-Fit™ Filtration Units offer:
  • Drain support and optimized funnel-to-base assembly ensure optimal microbial recovery
  • The unique funnel design ensures that the whole sample volume is filtered
  • The risk of contaminating the membrane with forceps is reduced to a minimum due to a continuous rim
  • 250 ml funnels allow larger volume samples


Materials of construction:
Cover: Polystyrene
Funnel: Styrene butadiene copolymer (SBC)
Membrane: Mixed cellulose esters
Support pad: Cellulose
Base: Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene
Plug: Low-density polyethylene
Height: 100ml: 66.5 mm (2.6 in.)
250ml: 108.5 mm (4.3 in.)
Largest diameter: 75.8mm (3.0 in.)
Filtration surface: 12.56 cm² (1.95
Sterilization method: Ethylene oxide (EO)
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