Cleanroom Mops

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Cleanroom Mops

From Floor to Ceiling and In Between.

Texwipe mops are designed specifically for cleanrooms and critical areas with premium contamination control. Our cleanroom mops are engineered to clean floors, ceilings, walls and smaller areas such as isolators and glove boxes. 
  • Replaceable mop heads and covers
  • Low contamination levels, high absorbency and chemical resistance
  • Durability - abrasion resistant
  • Select models can be sterilized
  • Selection of replacement parts and product add-ons

Cleanroom Mop Collections

Mop Model Description
  AlphaMop 15" x 8" mop head for ultraclean environments. Also available in autoclavable version. Smaller models available as "Mini AlphaMop."
  BetaMop II Excellent mop for use with bucket systems. Tubular knit mop. 
  ClipperMop Two models available: 7" and 11" mop head. Patented quick-change design to make cleaning convenient. Uses standard wipers to eliminate excess inventory.
  Mini AlphaMop &
Isolator Cleaning Tool
3.7" x 7.1" mop head, smaller AlphaMop model to reach small areas easily.
2 options available: telescoping or fixed length handles.
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