Analysis of Dialyzed Flask Technology for Antibody Production

WHEATON CELLine™ Bioreactor Flasks

WHEATON CELLine Bioreactor Flasks are high throughput tissue culture flasks designed to reduce culture maintenance and downstream processing requirements. While culturing hybridoma cells in a conventional T-Flask may yield 0.10mg / ml of monoclonal antibody, CELLine Bioreactor Flasks can produce 10 – 50 times this level of monoclonal antibody. CELLine Bioreactor Flasks were tested for yield and antibody functionality and compared to existing antibody production methods.

How do they work?

More cells mean a higher yield of recombinant protein or antibody. Due to the bottom gas permeable membrane, the CELLine Bioreactor Flask can sustain 20 times more cells than a conventional T-Flask. Importantly, no mechanical devices are required for this proprietary high-density culture method. In addition, the cells are also separated from the bulk media compartment, via a dialysis membrane. This allows for long-term bulk storage of media in the media compartment during operation, and a highly concentrated harvest from the cell compartment. Metabolites are freely exchanged between the two compartments, allowing the cells to grow in an optimal environment. Furthermore, a flask can be harvested multiple times, reducing the amount of consumables required by your lab.
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Preview YouTube video WHEATON CELLine Flask - Sampling and Harvesting
WHEATON CELLine Flask - Sampling and Harvesting